Prayer Partners

“Also Mattaniah son of Mica, son of Zabdi, a descendant of Asaph, who led in thanksgiving and prayer. Also Bakbukiah, who was Mattaniah’s assistant, ...”

Nehemiah 11:17 NLT 

It’s always a blessing to do things with friends. Julie and I enjoy hiking together and enjoying the experience together. There is so much value in doing things together. Jesus knew this because he would send his disciples out by twos.

When Nehemiah listed his honor roll of servants who willingly committed themselves to live in Jerusalem after the rebuilding of the city, he mentioned two men, Mattaniah and Bakbukiah. These men were vital to the prosperity of the city. They were head of the prayer ministry; they were prayer partners. They set the temperature of the spiritual development of the city.

We need men and women who will partner in prayer for our church and city. These willing hearts join to covenant together to seek the peace of our city. Are you willing to be a prayer partner in the ministry? You can pray from your home or office reaching out to the Lord on behalf of our weekly prayer requests that come in. You can join us every Sunday morning at 9 am or Tuesday nights in my office at 6 pm to lift up praise and requests to our God. We are looking for those who will partner with us to enter His courts with thanksgiving and prayer.