Dont Neglect!

“We promise together not to neglect the Temple of our God.” Nehemiah 10:39 

If you are a home owner you know it takes a lot to maintain a home. It always seems like there is something that needs to be repaired.  As the owner you assume the responsibility to care for the upkeep of the home. If you neglect this responsibility, soon you're living in a place where everything is falling apart.

The Lord had given the people the temple, the place of worship right in the middle of Jerusalem. Under the leadership of the priest Ezra, he instituted the priestly practices of worship.

When the people heard the law of Moses, they understood that they had neglected their responsibilities for God's house. Because of their desire to obey God, they made a signed recommitment to worship in word and deed. They agreed to obey God and care for their place of worship.

My challenge to you is what is your part in the service of God? What responsibility has the Lord put upon you that you have neglected in your service? Where have you invested your time, talent and treasures? God's house needs your help! Pray and invest where He would have you this week. Put faith into action. Let’s not be neglectful people, instead let's be a generous people.