Royal Rule

"If you really fulfill the royal law according to the scripture, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself," you do well;" James 2:8

Growing up you were often told to do to others what you wanted done to you. This was the Golden Rule. But James speaks of another rule called the Royal Rule. James, Jesus' half brother, shares with us through his writing, probably because he often heard this from his brother "to love your neighbor as yourself."

We are commanded throughout scripture to love our neighbor without partiality because that is sin. James capitalizes on this thought in his writings as the marginalized were being oppressed by the rich and those with power. 

We live in a very divided nation at this time and James gives us the answer to the healing of our nation. He says you will do well to love your neighbor as yourself. Wellness, I find it interesting that in chapter 5 of James he speaks about illness and sickness. Maybe our illness as a nation is not living out royal law of loving our neighbor; that has caused the sickness of racism, oppression, elitism and corruption. Maybe that’s  because we may have a poor image of ourselves.

James states that if we confess our sins and pray for one another, healing will take place. Making a confession of not being neighborly will start the healing process of our land and loving those around us who are different than us will bring down walls not build them up. 

So remember the Royal Rule and it will be well with you.